The family Coll command of the El Galeó, which opened in late 2011 local enlargement, so that customers can enjoy a much broader and can taste all kinds of tapas and pots of various tastes.

How did it start?

The tavern El Galeó opened on March 30, 2010. We started this adventure helping a friend in his shop and we really liked the work. We thought Palamos was the place for our business and we decided!

¿Why Galeó?

We are in a village of sea, where everyone moves with boats, yachts, sailboats, cruise ships,... this name was perfect for its location "El Galeó (The Galleon)".
In addition, El Galeó was a warship powerful and versatile to serve both the trade and to explore. Thus, in our local business is done and you can explore every dish that leaves the kitchen.

What kind of customer visits your business?

We have a very different type of customer, but most of Girona, Palafrugell, La Bisbal d'Empordà, Platja d'Aro and, of course, Palamós. Moreover, in the summer season, is still more diverse thanks to foreign tourism.

Recommended dishes for this summer?

We will constantly changing our menu according to season, but since it can not be otherwise being in Palamos: fresh fish, prawns from Palamos and traditional cuisine are dishes that make the difference in our tavern.

Your secret?

Quality, value and friendliness. All you want for yourself, you must implement it in your business to give the best of each one of us.

Interior Taverna El Galeó (bar) Interior Taverna El Galeó (tables) Workers of the Taverna El Galeó

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